The project started as my old fiat 127 was getting all too rusty and too much bodywork would of been needed to get it fixed.
The engine though was in a good shape, fully rebuilt 1050cc with a monified head. I took the engine and the gearbox from it and bought this new 127 that looked like crap but had a good and healthy body. Only little rust was found allthough the paintwork was in bad shape.The whole car had been spray painted matt black.
There was basicly no interior. Piece of plywood was used as a doorpanel and the dashboard didn't look new either. I took a better dashboard from my old 127 and some other smaller parts that looked better. The engine was a 903cc, it barely idled and it had a half-broken oilpump and some other problems so that it really wasn't in a driving condition.

I gathered up some photos and short discriptions on the building process for you to see: