model: 1049cc strada (1066cc)
0.4mm oversize pistons, balanced
crankshaft: balanced, new bearings
-small modifications done to improve oil flow

engine head:
grinded, lowered
38mm stainless intake valves
29mm stock exhaust valves

welded and re-shaped
somewhere between 290-295 degrees, with 10.1mm lift
- adjustable cam gear

carburettors: 2x Weber 36 DCNF/29mm chokes + freeflow filters

intakemanifold: 2x Weber DCNF alquati or a copy of it

exhaustmanifold: 4-1 self made

exhaustpipe: 2" Stainless Steel

crane cams electronic ignition + power coil

96hp/101nm/7900rpm from wheels

~120hp from flywheel


from older MK1 model
gears: 4
finalratio: 4.7
shortened gearstick movement

suspension and brakes

shockabsorbers: Sachs on all corners, lowered in front
front springs: lowered volvo 200-series stiffened rear springs
rear leaf-spring: modified to lower and stiffer type
brakes: new parts, discs in front
brake booster to be installed
new rear support bars


-couldn't hear it anyway due to engine noise..


rims: 13"/5.5" alloy
tires: 175/65 nokia nrt2
wintertires: some cheap 155/70/13" spikes
Car alarm system & central locking